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about morethanabed

Months and weeks before a trip I research, research and research. I read travel magazines, articles, get inspired by instagram and check out Trip Advisor reviews. This depth of research often means I’m not disappointed on a trip; but you never really know until you experience it yourself.


What I have found is that review sites are a good first start but aren't always helpful - are the reviews accurate? Are they even real? What does the reviewer value in a hotel stay? Are they a family, a single 20-something or a married couple? Do people only review after either amazing or terrible stays?


Which brings me to why I’m creating this space. In my research - I’ve been looking for a credible source that I can trust, a review site that aligns with what I want out of a hotel, a vacation, an experience. I’ve been a corporate worker who works to travel, who appreciates luxury, who loves to escape, who enjoys design and most of all values great service and memorable experiences. If this sounds like you too - I hope you get value from my reviews but more than that I hope anyone and everyone who appreciates travel can enjoy my little slice of the internet.

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Why morethanabed? From a young age - growing up in the North East of England travel and vacations were a treat, and a hotel was literally just a place to sleep; a bed for the night. I’ve since been incredibly lucky to stay at some of the best hotels in the world and I’ve learnt that hotels can be so much more. They can make you feel special, they can help you relax, they can provide experiences and great dining and they can create memories you will never forget. That’s my love for hotels. That’s why for me, a hotel is morethanabed.


I've always enjoyed getting more with less, and there is always a sense of pride when you know you're enjoying a luxury hotel at a fraction of the price it should have cost - or even getting it for free. I have mastered the art of leveraging credit card bonuses and points, hotel loyalty programs and scouring the internet for deals to get the most from my stays - whether that be free perks, upgrades, promotional discounts or using points for free nights. In addition to the reviews I'm looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks on how to maximise your vacation and minimise your costs.


I hope you enjoy.